Passenger Information
This page displays general rules and regulations of bus operators.
Listed below are general rules and regulations that are used by the operators who run bus services in the Stourbridge Area. For operator specific terms and conditions, please contact the individual operator.
General Regulations
  • The services shown in this website may be altered without notice because of traffic or weather conditions. The operators will make every effort to maintain these services shown in timetables, but will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience sustained by any passenger in consequence of any deviation, unpunctuality, suspension or failure to maintain the service.

  • Passengers are cautioned not to enter or leave a moving vehicle, nor vehicles standing at a stop (give way) sign or traffic lights.

  • Passengers are requested to see that tickets are issued from the ticket machine in their presence and represent the fare paid. Tickets must be retained for inspection and must be produced upon request of the bus operator, or any authorised official of Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and given up on demand.

  • Passengers losing, destroying or defacing their tickets render themselves liable to a recharge. Passenger's tickets are only available for the bus on which they are issued, except in cases where the transfer of passengers to another bus that has been specially authorised, or are day tickets for use on other buses.

  • It is the responsibility of passengers to ensure that payment is made to bus operators. Travel passes / Season tickets, permits or day tickets must be shown to the bus operator.

  • The timetables published in this website are subject to the terms and conditions relating to the individual operators services and facilities, which are available for inspection at the individual operators offices.

  • Though every care is taken with the published timetables on this site, Stourbridge Interchange Website cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of timetables of operators, nor for the maintenance of their services.
Bus Stopping Places
The timetables published in this website show only a selection of stopping places at which buses are officially timed, timetables showing all stops can be found on the TfWM website.

Other than "Limited Stop" or "Express" services, buses will stop at all bus stops on the route. Most routes operated in the West Midlands, operate to stops which are marked with a "Bus Stop" sign.

Some routes may partially operate to a "Hail and Ride" scheme, in which case, buses will stop on request at any safe point.

In all cases, please give a clear hand signal to the driver, that you wish to board. On unlit roads after dark, it may be a good idea to wear light coloured clothing or carry a torch, so that the driver can see you.

When you wish to get off the bus, please tell the driver, or signal to the driver by means of the bell, in plenty of time.
Child Fares
Children under 5 years of age, travel free of charge, if not occupying a seat, provided that such children are accompanied by a fare-paying passenger or a passenger holding any type of travel pass / season ticket (adult or child) or day ticket. Children over 5 and under 16 years of age will be charged the authorised child fare. Children aged between 16 and 18, who are in education and holding a valid 16-18 pass, will be charged the authorised fare. The authorised fare is normally charged at half the normal adult fare.

On night services (including any late evening journeys charging night service fares) in Birmingham, full adult fares or a flat fare will be charged to all passengers, either adult or child, at the advertised rate. After 04:30, day fares will be charged.
Dogs & Pushchairs
Dogs accompanying passengers may be carried free of charge at owner's risk, subject to the discretion of the bus operator, provided that such dogs are not a nuisance or inconvenience to other passengers and that there is sufficient accommodation. Dogs are not allowed on the seats in any circumstances.

Pushchairs may be carried at owner's risk and subject to the discretion of the bus operator. Many buses in operation have special areas for passengers in wheelchairs or with pushchairs (normally 2 pushchairs are allowed at any one time), however the bus operator reserves the right to refuse to convey any dogs or pushchairs.

Whelchairs users have priority over passengers with prams, the driver of the bus may ask you to fold up the pram / pushchair to enable the wheelchair user to occupy the special area for wheelchair users.
Excess Fares
Any passenger riding beyond the availability of the ticket(s) purchased becomes liable to pay the fare for the additional distance travelled, which will be treated as a separate journey, or you may be asked to pay a penalty of up to £20 (whichever is greater).
Lost Property
If you find lost property on any vehicle you are travelling on, you should hand it at once to the bus driver / operator, or train conductor.

If you find lost property whilst in the Stourbridge Interchange facility, you should hand it in to a member of station staff.

If you leave anything behind, you will have to contact the operator, or local National Express West Midlands garage, that operates the service on which you travelled, or Transport for West Midlands if you think you have left property whilst at the Stourbridge Interchange faciltiy..

A charge may be made for recovery of lost property.
Passenger Accompanied Luggage
Passengers are allowed to carry, at owners risk, personal luggage not exceeding 15 kilograms free. Bulky packages which may obstruct the platform or gangway, or which cannot be carried conveniently, may be prohibited - it may be allowed at the bus operators discretion.

The operator cannot accept liability for loss of, or damage to, passengers' luggage, however caused. The bus operator may refuse to carry any article which is considered dangerous or offensive to other passengers.
Public Holiday Services
No services operate on Christmas Day and limited service is operated on Boxing Day. A Sunday service operates on New Years Day and Bank Holidays. On Good Friday, either a normal Friday service or a Saturday service will be in operation (details will be shown on operators vehicles). Services may also be varied on certain days between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, details of which will be displayed on operators vehicles.
Standing Passengers
Subject to the discretion of the bus operator, passengers may stand on the lower deck only, whether or not there are any vacant seats on the bus. At busy times, passengers may be asked to sit upstairs on double deck buses, if they are able.

This will assist the elderly, disabled and short distance passengers, and could reduce the risk of passengers being left behind.
Smoking / Vaping
Smoking / vaping is strictly prohibited anywhere on buses and trains. If you are caught smoking / vaping, you may be asked to leave the bus / train and you may also be fined.

Smoking / vaping is strictly prohibited anywhere on bus and railway stations. If you are caught smoking / vaping, you may be asked to leave the bus or railway station and you may also be fined.
Traffic Commissioner
The final responsibility for correct operation of bus services rests with the Traffic Commissioner. The Travel Commissioner can be contacted at:

West Midlands Traffic Area
38 George Road
West Midlands
B15 1PL.
Telephone: 0300 123 9000.