Stourbridge Bus Station gets a makeover
  Originally published 22 August 2005.

Over the last couple of weeks, the bus station in Stourbridge, situated in Foster Street, has been given a makeover.

CENTRO have repainted the shelters from their past corporate colours of yellow and green, into the new colours of light and dark blue, which have also been changed in most of the other bus station and interchanges that are maintained by CENTRO in the West Midlands area. Also expect the destination boards to be replaced with the new style boards which include Braille to assist blind passengers.

The horrible green and yellow colours that have been a part of the bus station for many years are being replaced with the better colour scheme of blue.

The repaint is a nice gift from CENTRO, but does this mean that the station won't get an upgrade for quite a few years, such as the new stations that West Bromwich and Wednesbury have received and what Halesowen will be receiving in the next couple of years -At least it might have been nice if the current run down shelters were replaced with modern and newer shelters.