SBI Changes to website
  Originally published 23 March 2006.

The webmaster is pleased to announce that the site has undergone big changes. But you may be asking what has changed? I can't see anything different to the site?

The only change that you will notice is the filenames in the url in the address bar above ending with asp. The webmaster has been working behind the scenes and has made the site more interactive, with the facility to add and edit content, which will enable information to be added to the site quicker and passing more up to date information onto the visitor of the site - once data has been added or edited, the information will appear on the site as soon as it has been submitted.

Links on the main SBI site and events on SBI Past can be added straight into the system, enabling these to appear quicker on the site, after I have reviewed the information, as well as the updated complaints section, where complaints will be added and able to be viewed as soon as you have submitted the data.

Work on the system is still being constructed, and will not effect (I hope) the running of the site. To help me achieve the construction of the site, I only ask one thing from you. If whilst visiting the site you do come across any problems or technical problems, could you please inform me, by clicking on the Contact Us option to the left, instructing me where any problem occurred. As changes are being made, I am testing the updated pages, but cannot guarantee that any problems may arise. About a third of the site has been modified to incorporate changes so far, and hopefully over the next few months, most of the site will be modified to make the site more interactive and beneficial for you.

If you have any ideas of how the site can be improved, please contact me, and I will hopefully be able to act upon ideas and make the site more useful for you to visit. The webmaster thanks you for visiting the site, and apologises if you do have any problems with the site whilst changes are being incorporated.