Stourbridge bus station goes smoke free
  Originally published 30 June 2007.

Smoke free  from 1 July
From July 1st 2007, Britain goes smoke free. This means that no smoking will be allowed in enclosed spaces which includes workplaces, pubs, public transport, and bus shelters.

From July 1st, CENTRO will not allow any smoking in any of the bus stations around the West Midlands, and that includes Stourbridge Bus Station. Signs, such as the one on the left will be placed in all bus shelters in the station which means that when waiting for the bus, you will have a clearer smoke free environment.

CENTRO have stated that smoking will be banned in ALL of the bus station, inside and outside of bus shelters, but due to the new laws introduced I don't know how this can be enforced as the new laws state that the smoking is banned from enclosed spaces, and if you stand by the Foster Street wall you will not be enclosed as you are not in any building or shelter. Are CENTRO saying that the sky is an enclosed space?

CENTRO have also posted the no smoking signs in all bus shelters across the West Midlands, which means that all shelters will be smoke free to. A bit ironic as some shelters have just one wall facing the road and no side walls which wouldn't be classed as an enclosed space and also ironic as pubs across the county have erected smoking shelters, which are constructed in the style of a bus shelter, in their beer gardens.

The ban will be enforced by special officers.

Webmaster comment: "As a smoker myself, I encourage the new laws, as I don't wish to subject non-smokers to breath in my smoke and will abide by the law. I personally think that Centro have taken the law too far by enforcing the ban in some shelters where it is not really classed as an enclosed space, and by stating that the whole bus station will be a no smoking area, where there are large parts of the station which are not enclosed and in the open air."