Centro submit plans for Stourbridge bus station redevelopment
  Originally published 30 September 2007.

Following consultation with passengers at Stourbridge bus station towards the end of 2006, CENTRO have formally submitted plans to Dudley Council of a proposed new layout for the £2.5 million redevelopment of the current station in Foster Street East. The designs include eleven upgraded shelters which will have electronic sliding doors which will open once a bus pulls up at the stand, giving better protection from the elements for waiting passengers.

Stourbridge Bus Station plan - September 2007

The updated plan after consultation that has been submitted to Dudley Council.

The new station plans include help points and CCTV to provide better protection for passengers, and CENTRO will also install electronic passenger information screens, which will provide, where possible, real time information. Plans also include a new passenger facilities building in the heart of the bus station which will also play host to a toilet block and shop. The existing toilet block will be converted into drivers toilets and refreshment room.

Disabled passengers will also benefit from the plans with the installation of a new circular ramped access to the main bus station from Foster Street East, with this area of the bus station playing host to an attractive public space with seating so passengers can rest away from the main activity of the bus station. A new bus layover will also be installed to relieve congestion in Foster Street.

If the plans get the go ahead from Dudley Council, which will be approved by the end of November, CENTRO will hope to start work early in 2008, which will probably be around April, the beginning of the new financial year. No details have yet been released by CENTRO regarding of what disruption or closure, if any, will be caused whilst works are taking place.