Midland Red and Stourbridge
Below is a brief history of Midland Red services in Stourbridge, also there are scanned timetables post degregulaton (1986) available for you to look at.
Midland Red
Midland Red used to be the main operator for Stourbridge and the surrounding area, that is until 1973. In 1973 the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive (WMPTE) took over the bus services in the Stourbridge area, taking control of all bus operations of Stourbridge local routes and also the bus garage at Stourbridge, which was situated on the ring road, oppoosite what is now the Stourbridge Interchange (the site is now the Mercedes-Benz showroom). So from 1973, the iconic red buses were replaced with blue and cream liveried buses.

In this feature, we will see the decline of Stourbridge bus routes operated by Midland Red after deregulation (October 26, 1986), with extracts from the timetable booklets published by Midland Red West (the company which was formed by the breakdown of the National Bus Company), which was later taken over by the corporate First Bus Company.  Services operated pre-1986 for Midland Red can be seen for the years 1947 and 1971 on the Service Archives page on this website.

Ironically, The National Bus Company (which operated National Express Coaches) owned Midland Red whilst still operating services in Stourbridge pre-1973. WMPTE became West Midlands Travel after deregulation in 1986 and West Midlands Travel was purchased by the National Express Group in April 1995 - so you can say operations have come full circle.

To see the timetables listed below, click on the relevant link which will open in a new window and will require Adobe Reader.