Service Archives
In this section, we look back at service operations in the Stourbridge area before deregulation in 1986.
There have been quite a few changes over the years to the bus services operated in Stourbridge and the surrounding area.

With the help of old timetable booklets which have been published by Midland Red and West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive, you can view a list of services operated over the years in Stourbridge before deregulation arrived in October 1986.

The timetable archives go back as far as 1947 when Midland Red operated the Stourbridge bus services, before the WMPTE took over services in Stourbridge in 1973. WMPTE coverage can be seen from December 1976 when the WMPTE reviewed the Stourbridge bus network and was starting to phase out the local 'S' series of routes, bringing route numbers in line with the rest of the West Midlands area.

The final timetable booklet in the series is from October 1985, a year before the WMPTE became West Midlands Travel on October 26, 1986, when bus deregulation came into force.

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